Wednesday, February 21, 2007

new programs for 2007

homepage returns to community radio stations across Australia in 2007 with some great new programs. You might have heard our 'best of' episodes over the summer period - Rochelle and Patrick had great fun listening to some old programs from 2006 and picking out their favourite pits to put together for the 'best of' summer series.

We welcome David Turner to the homepage production team in 2007. Dave teams up with Bronwen Matherson who joined us late 2006, to bring you the best from the world of IT.

Early in the year and we're already on top of what's current in IT. Dave takes a look at the new ghecko phone for kids and investigates the technology behind the controversial Access Card with an interiew with independent member for Calare, Peter Andren. Bron starts the year with a story about music, looking at and takes a close look at the ever increasing blurring of the lines when using IT for business and pleasure.

You can hear homepage live on the 2MCE stream at Log in on Mondays at 3pm EST. Or check our your local community radio station for their program times.

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