Monday, May 21, 2007

Homepage 21/05/07

On this week's episode...
Ben Harris speaks to Choice magazine spokeswoman Indira Naidoo about the latest GPS Navigation systems- are they really worth the money and hassell?
In insight, I take a look at 'Cyber Bullying'- is this just a new buzzword to gloss over the fact bullying is still rife in our schoolyards? I talk to Mubarak Rammatullah, a senior lecturer in social administration & social work at Flinders University in South Australia about whether this is a new phenomenon in bullying. I also speak to the Chief Executive Officer of the Inspire Foundation, Kerry Graham, about the new partnership between the Inspire Foundation & MySpace to raise awareness about depression and where to get help through the Inspire Foundation's many projects. I was interested in tackling this issue as I find it interesting that technology is seeming to be the scapegoat in this issue- bullying is still the issue whether you make mobiles or the internet or Myspace the means of bullying. I was suprised to find out the perception of invisibility- hiding behind monitors and mobiles- is the main reason for cyber bullying which shows the bully's themselves are really the cowards.
In Hotsites Ben takes a look at the SES and how they're here to help!
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