Monday, June 11, 2007

Flickr on homepage

homepage producer Michelle is moving house and during the packing process she found boxes full of random photos...from overseas travel, birthdays, holidays and baby photos. What to do with them all! Well the answer could be found at the online digital storage website For techtalk Michelle looks at for some info about how to sort out all those photos.

Bronwen is a huge fan of the 80's global concert Live Aid organised by Sir Bob Geldolf. In 1985 either you were there at Live Aid or you watched it on television. In 2007 another global concert is being planned to spread a message about global warming. 22 years after Live Aid how will Live Earth be watched by an international audience? You won't need to be there at the concert, or even glued to a television screen. You can stream the concert to your desk top and talk about the concert in an online chatroom. Bron speaks to Ken Eustace, lecuturer in computing and mathmatics at Charles Sturt University about the effects of online communities on society in 2007.

This week's hotsite is - Australia's only national online Indigenous business and community enterprise directory. Check it out at

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