Monday, October 08, 2007


The homepage team regularly surfs the web to discover new and interesting sites. We've found there is a growing number of sites offering support and resources to deal with medical, social and lifestyle challenges.

Aimee looks at a website offering a support network for single mothers. It's called Providing Rousources for Independent Single Mothers after Separation or PRISMS. Kate Wet is the founding director of this web based organisation.

Kate says the site aims to offer women information and resources but it's main focus is to provide connections between women who have experienced or are experiencing single parenting and relationship separation.

"Probably the cornerstone of the whole website is that online forum which is an opportunity for women to share their stories and hear about other people's experiences".

Kate says she was inspired to launch the site based on her own experiences of separation. "The idea came about when I first separated almost three years ago. I really formed it (the site) because of the lack of information (available) and particularly the idea that the internet is such a vital tool now for people getting information and networking and finding support."

Kate suggests the advantage of online support networks is the flexible access. "The internet is an incredible tool, one of the key reasons why I formed PRISMS was that I wanted there to be a responsive organisation essentially based online that would be there for me when I needed it, even if it was at 1 o'clock in the morning. Often as a single parent you get very little time to yourself, when finally your kids are in bed you can't go out to the office of an organisation to meet somebody at ten o'clock at night".

You can look up PRISMS at You'll find resources and advice for single parents, a forum for members and details about support groups that meet all over the country.

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