Sunday, March 15, 2009

Online traffic

When it comes to various sectors of the internet industy many people fall behind with the trends - online traffic generation techniques are certainly no exception to this.

Online traffic generation is in its simplest form, online marketing. However in saying this, it can be a very involved process. This week on Insight we spoke to Chris Diprose about what online traffic generation actually is and how you can increase traffic on a webpage.

Most web pages use email, banner and search engine optimisation in order to boost hits on their pages - just like a corner store, without traffic through the doors the web page will cease to exist.

However in exciting news for the Australian Internet Industry, young Sydney based entrepeneur Leon Hill has created a new online traffic generation technique which bases itself around votes to get a page to appear on the front of social networking sites like Digg and also Yahoo and AOL.

For more information about Leon's creation check out

*Chirs is a Melbourne based web expert and works in digital consulting, design and marketing to clients across Australia.

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