Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hang on while I answer my shoe!

Every kid growing up in the 60's wanted to be just like Agent 86 - Maxwell Smart. His spy gadgets were the envy of every child & adult alike, but were thought to be merely a dream.
That dream is no longer so, Australia has its very own Agent 86 - Doctor Paul Gardner-Stephens from Flinders University has developed a fully functioning shoe phone, just like the one on Get Smart 40 years ago.

On Gadgets & Gizmo's this week we spoke to Paul through his shoe about his very own mystery solving Shoe Phone is going to aid medicine.

Through preparations for a skit influenced by the TV series Get Smart, Paul wondered why no body had ever created a shoe phone, especially considering the hype created through the successful show- so he began on his adventure.
Paul now uses his fully functioning shoe phone and is hoping that it will assist the medical industry in their efforts to maintain remote patient monitoring.

Maybe one day the novelty of the shoe phone will hit retail stores across the globe.

For more information about Paul's Shoe Phone gadget check out http://www.realshoephone.com/