Friday, September 04, 2009

My very first blog

Hello and welcome back to Homepage!!!!!

I'm Sam one of the not so new Producers for the tech and IT show you know and love, Homepage. I hope you have been enjoying the shows so far and if you want any details on them feel free to send us a yell and we will gladly provide (well I will, I don't know about those other producers...)

So I suppose you would like to know a little about the show I have planned for next week.

Well for Tech Talk I will be having a look at Distrubuted Computing, particularly BOINC. It uses a global network of computers to aide scientific research and has helped with projects such as the Linear Arc, a particle accelerator burried under the Swiss/German Border. And you can easily get involved yourself, simply downloading a program and setting it to work in your down time. Even I on my crummy off the shelf laptop am giving it a go. Here is the Australian BOINC team's website, if you want to get involved.

For Hotsites I found a nifty little news site called Homepage Daily (not to be confused with your favourite radio show Homepage). It takes a very different and sometimes irreverent look at the news. It was co-founded by Richard Neville and is very much a mature version of the legendary OZ magazine he created in the 60's. Here is the site so you can go have a snoop around:

Hope this is the first of many more blogs; lots of love from your favourite producer.