Monday, November 06, 2006

About homepage

Homepage is an award winning radio program produced at the studios of 2MCE-FM. It is broadcast around Australia via satellite from the Australian Community Radio Network.

The program has reported on the Internet, information technology and communications industries since 1999. Each week the producers surf for website reviews, research information on new technology and investigate developments in the industry.

While information technology has become an accepted part of our daily lives there is still little attempt by the media to explore social and cultural IT issues. Most reporting of IT fails to go beyond the marketing hype of new products.

Homepage aims to present balanced and independent viewpoints covering IT and related industries, and thus remains a unique radio program in the Australian media landscape.

Homepage was founded by David Cameron, who still contributes to the program both on air and behind the scenes. Doing the really hard work is Executive Producer/Wrangler Michelle O’Connor (moconnor at, and a small team of journalist/producers.

Many of our weekly content contributors are journalism students at Charles Sturt University, reflecting CSU's commitment to community broadcasting for the past 30 years.

The program is financially supported by the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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