Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What's On - 13th November, 2006

This week on Homepage, Pat takes a look at the massive problem that is Bluetooth Piracy. CNET's Manira Catardia explains how it will affect the average mobile phone user, while Motorola's John Demitzies describes what his company is doing to combat the problem.

Pat, frustrated as a result of many an hour spent typing assignments, checks out Dragon Technology's ninth version of voice recognition software. Derek Austen from New Arts, the company that makes the software, explains how the software has been developed for the past decade and where it is at now.

I chat to James King, co-administrator of the website which is increasingly popular among HSC students. James explains why he and three friends created the site, what features are available to users, and talks about the digital Student Assessment Modeller.

Another program jam-packed with all you need to know about life online!

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