Monday, July 23, 2007

Automated Self Service

It's been a concern for the last twenty years...that developments in phones and internet capabilities have seen an increase in technology replacing human tasks. Sometimes this also means a risk of people losing jobs.

For insight producer Elizabeth Leong investigates automated self-service, a style of system and software that's offering reliability, intelligence, productivity, convenience and speed for mundane customer service tasks. These include general customer service, help desk, directory assistance and support. Elizabeth asks the questions: how effective and reliable is this technology and what about security and the decline in personal service?

To find out the answers Elizabeth speaks with Hank Jongen, General Manager of Centrelink and Chief Technology Officer of VE Commerce, Brett Feldon.

Brett says in recent years we've seen the rise of self-service in general due in part to more and more organisations doing business over the internet. He adds, more recently we've seen the development of self-service over the telephone with speech recognition software which is able to recognise words and direct a caller. For most businesses self-service technology is implemented for convenience sake.

Centrelink is an example of an organisation that has adopted automated technology into their services and Hank Jongen says the decision to do so was based on customer expectation. Today Centrelink customers can choose to use self-service for about 50 different transactions including accessing details of Centrelink payments. For Centrelink the decision to implement self-service technology was about providing a choice for customers.

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