Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting your face on FaceBook

Maybe you've heard of FaceBook? It's known as the older, less personalised version of MySpace. It's the 7th most visited site in the U.S. and it's currently sweeping across Australia and garnering huge support and usage. So much so in fact that our politicians are using it and creating their very own FaceBook page. It seems politicians are increasingly making use of technology to reach people in new ways.

homepage producer Rochelle Nolan speaks with journalist and avid FaceBook user Guy Logan to find out what FaceBook is and get some insight why it's such a popular tool for politicians in campaigning as well as where this might lead in the future.

Rochelle discovers that FaceBook is a networking site which was designed along the lines of an interactive university year book. On FaceBook you upload a photo of yourself with as little or as detailed accompanying information as you like.

Guy says that FaceBook is used by politicians in the U.S. because it's in the top 10 most visited sites on the web. Politicians use FaceBook to talk to almost 30million users world-wide...almost 100 000 users logging on to FaceBook every day. With these numbers, politicians can use FaceBook to connect with their communities and gauge what the public are talking about.

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